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Interested in having your special occasion produced by Orantes Designs? We'd love to hear from you. But first we need some information about you.


For general information or inquiries concerning quotes & booking please provide the following: 

  • What would you like to book?

  • What time does your event start?

  • What type of venue will the party be held? (ie. Hall, Restaurant, Residence, Amenity Room Etc.)

  • What time do we get access to the venue?

  • What time is take down?

  • What time do we have to be out of the venue?

  • Do you need a coordinator for your sweets, cake etc?

  • Do you have kid’s entertainment covered?

  • Do you need a kids table set up or crafts table?

  • Is the venue accessible for loading and unloading purposes?

  • If not please provide further information?

  • Please note our MINIMUM RATE is $800

Thanks for submitting!


As a young mother of two,  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to offer my event decor services to you.  Inspired by the various pieces that I’ve put together for my daughters,  I’m pleased to extend you the gift of design.  Thank-you for taking interest in Orantes Designs and I look forward to creating a memorable visual experience for your private or commercial event.

"Life is like a balloon. If you never let yourself go, you will never know how far you can rise "

- Samantha Orantes


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B O O K   U S 


  1. Pricing? - We get an overwhelming amount of inquiries for our pricing so Please refer to our website BEFORE inquiring. 

  2. How far ahead do we need to book? - We ask to book us as SOON as possible because we can’t hold a date/time without a deposit. We have bookings 6 month ahead during certain times of the year. 

  3. How much is the deposit? Our deposit is half of your invoice. 

  4. How long is the set up rented for? We rent for your event normally 8 hours. We have next day take down for an extra charge.

  5. Is the deposit refundable? No. Our deposits aren’t refundable or transferable to a diffrent date.

  6. What is the latest Take Down time? - Our latest take down time is 11:30 PM 

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